BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Donor Story

A Legacy for Future Families

David Primrose
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Donor
and Previous Patient Family

On July 12, 2010, I received a call that I will never forget. My daughter Natalie, 11 at the time, was thrown from a horse and was at the Emergency at Mission Hospital.

My mom didn’t know how bad it was, but she urged me to come right away. I asked to speak to my wife Cindy, but she was already in the helicopter with Natalie flying to BC Children’s Hospital. 

cindy and david primrose, BCCHF donors
Cindy and David Primrose, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Donors and Previous Patient Family Photo Credit: Tina Chin

As soon as I heard the word “helicopter,” I realized how serious this was. When the horse bucked and stepped on Natalie, she suffered multiple internal organ injuries. She spent 12 days in the pediatric intensive care unit and a total of 28 days at BC Children’s. I felt so scared to see our girl fight for her life. The hardest part was there was nothing I could do except comfort her. 

What comforted us was seeing the care she was receiving and knowing there was no better place for her to be. The doctors and nurses were extremely informative and compassionate, and we were grateful to them for saving Natalie’s life. 

At BC Children’s, we saw other families that were worse off than we were. So we made a choice to make a difference in the lives of others. We hosted fundraising dinners, supported through monthly giving and then decided to leave a legacy gift.

Natalie, now 20, is doing great. As she and her sister Julia grow, it gives us the opportunity to shift our estate—to leave a legacy to a place that shares our values. We want children and families to have the same comfort we did—having access to the best care possible.

We talked about leaving a gift in our will for a while, but we never got around to updating it. When we finally did, our wills were outdated and the girls were older, so it was the perfect opportunity to include BC Children’s.

The process is very simple. It involved our lawyer making sure BC Children’s Hospital Foundation was written into the will the right way. It’s easy to put off, but it’s not complicated once you do it, and we knew what we wanted to do.

For us, family is important. We want people to know the difference they can make in a child’s life, like previous donors did for us, and how their legacy can create a better future.

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