BC SPCA Donor Story

Deep love for animals inspires planned gift

A precendent for unprecedented times

Yolanda Benoit
Senior Manager, Will & Estate Gifts

Lenore Richards has loved animals her whole life. To her, the trust that animals place in humans is sacred, a belief that has inspired her to devote her time to working with horses that have lived through traumatic situations. A former riding instructor, Lenore helped rehabilitate horses that had been starved, neglected, and abused. After all they had been through, she felt moved by how these beautiful creatures regained their trust in humans.

“When the horses arrived, they were in desperate condition,” Lenore says. “They had become fearful of people…and never took food for granted. I will always remember one horse who would furiously kick the walls of his box as I made my way down the halls distributing hay and oats, until I fed him. That horse was [eventually] adopted…and lived out his days in comfort and care.”

A dog lover as well, Lenore didn’t get her first puppy until she was 46 years old. When she did, her love blossomed for Bernese Mountain Dogs. She is currently the proud mother of two, and though they are the last dogs she believes she will own, Lenore wanted to find a way to continue caring for animals even after she is gone.

A passional animal advocate, Lenore Richards is the proud mother of Hugo and Henry, her beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs

“Those horses, and [those] dogs…have taught me that earning and keeping the trust of an animal can be among the most rewarding experiences in life,” Lenore explains. “And yet we all too often see cases where that trust is abused.”

This deep love inspired Lenore to leave a gift in her Will to the BC SPCA.

“In this year of the pandemic,” Lenore says, “when many people struggle to support their families, often their pets suffer. During a time when there is so much uncertainty, I’m happy to know that my gift will continue to help animals [even after I am gone]. It’s the best legacy I can imagine.” Bequests and other planned gifts continue to protect future generations of animals, supporting them through pandemics, forest fires, or any other storm.

Lenore’s compassion and generosity towards animals led her to leave a gift in her Will to the BC SPCA. May your love and compassion inspire you to leave a gift in your Will to a cause that inspires your heart and mind, to support that charity even through the most difficult of times.

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