BC Women’s Hospital Foundation Article

What if you could live forever?

Beth Ann Locke, BC Women's Health Foundation

Beth Ann Locke
Chief Development Officer
BC Women’s Health Foundation

What if you could live forever? What would you do if there was no limit to your lifetime? What would you accomplish? Learn? Experience?

It’s certainly an interesting question and one I’ve spent some time thinking about. But the truth is, unless science makes some astonishing advances in the next few years, none of us will live forever … at least not in the traditional sense.

However, as many Canadians have already discovered, there is a way for your values, priorities and passions to continue on far beyond your lifetime. And that’s why almost 2 million Canadians have chosen to make a gift to charity in their will.

You might only have one lifetime to live, but your reach can extend far beyond that. For me, that’s incredibly inspiring.

The cause I care most about is women’s health. I’m passionate about improving the quality of life and potential of all women. Because I know when a woman flourishes, so too will a family, a community and entire societies. Supporting women’s health has a beautiful, exponential ripple effect.

It excites me to know that this passion can outlast me, and that this vital work will continue. I find it incredibly gratifying to think that generations of women will live healthier, better lives because of me.

We all have causes near and dear to our hearts. If you haven’t thought about leaving a gift in your will, I encourage you to take the time to look into it. What you discover might surprise you.

In fact, many people find they can have a greater impact with a gift in their will than they ever could during their lifetime. Often, we overlook assets like investments, real estate and savings when we think about how much money we have. Your impact could be greater than you think!

We might not be able to live forever, but we can shape the world we want to leave behind. For me, this means creating a world of healthy women everywhere, capable of anything. I encourage you to think about what is important to you, and then create a legacy that will last forever.