Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Donor Story

A Legacy Gift for Life-Long Friendships

Mandy Wong
Manager, Development and Marketing
Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s (BBGV) mission is to provide a mentor to every child who needs one. With a positive role model, a child can gain self-confidence, reassurance of their abilities, and most importantly, be inspired to live their full potential.

Randy (Big Brother) and Racy (Littler Brother) were matched between their birthdays in the fall of 1980 when Racy was only 12 years old.

Having lost his father at a young age, Racy was living with his mom and two sisters in South Vancouver – an area which, at the time, was known for gang activity.

“I lived in a very tough neighbourhood,” explains Racy. “A lot of the people that I grew up with and played with – they ended up on drugs or getting shot.” That’s when Racy’s mother enrolled her son in BBGV’s Mentoring Program.

“Randy became part of our family,” says Racy’s mom. “They live just like brothers. With Randy [by Racy’s side], I was not scared.”

Having similar personalities, Randy and Racy were both sports fanatics, sociable and played leadership roles at school and work. Some of their favourite memories include fishing, hiking and going to BC Lions football games at Empire Stadium.

“Me and Randy used to talk about life and what I wanted to do in my future,” explains Racy. “Randy gave me a lot of opportunities. He introduced me to different businesses. They did a quasi-interview. We sat down one day and wrote a business plan together.”

Randy Soon and Racy Sidhu present dayToday, Racy, who is a father of three, recognizes the incredible gift that was given to him through Randy and donors who support charities like BBGV.

Thirty-nine years later, their friendship continues, and Randy, an insurance advisor, encourages his clients to leave a legacy through charitable bequests.

In addition to the guidance and friendship that he has provided to Racy, Randy is leaving another legacy by designating his insurance policy to United Way of Lower Mainland, which provides grants to non-profits such as BBGV. Randy encourages anyone who is interested in leaving a charitable legacy to speak to a financial advisor about different gift options, including estate and life insurance gifts. He knows first-hand what a huge difference it can make.

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

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