Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Donor Story

A legacy gift that will carry on

Lisa Pratt
Marketing and Communications Manager
Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Valerie Cooper was a creature of habit. She loved her weekly routine working as a volunteer at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and would often be seen toting around a bag with the inscription ‘Carry On’ – a testament perhaps to her upbringing and to her strong, independent spirit.

Valerie Cooper receives a painting of Canuck Place by Vancouver artist Barbara Wood, in recognition for over 5,000 volunteer hours.

Valerie joined Canuck Place as a volunteer in June 1998, just three years after Canuck Place first opened. She tended to the beautiful garden at Canuck Place’s Glen Brae hospice in Vancouver. Valerie was unmarried with no children, a career woman who worked for a large financial brokerage firm. She strongly supported the mission of Canuck Place and wanted to do everything she could to help them care for the most medically complex and ill children from across BC and the Yukon. She was passionate about the hospice garden and the tranquility it provided for children and families while they faced unimaginable circumstances.

Valerie committed to 22 years of volunteering at Canuck Place and amassed over 5,492 hours of incredible service, an organization record. Volunteers are the backbone of Canuck Place. The dedicated group of over 400 individuals are an integral force behind the spirit of compassion and care which defines Canuck Place.

Over and above her many volunteer hours, Valerie was also a generous donor to Canuck Place with gifts of publicly traded securities. Having worked in the financial industry, she understood the tax efficiency of donating shares directly to Canuck Place. At her request, a portion of the funds she gave over the years were used to buy new eco- friendly power tools for the garden.

Valerie knew that Canuck Place needs donor support to ensure families don’t have to pay for specialized medical care. This critical element of pediatric palliative care wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of donors like Valerie.

Sadly, Valerie passed away in December 2019. Canuck Place was in her heart, and it was important to Valerie that her dedicated service continue on. She publicly named Canuck Place in her Will, ensuring that in the epilogue of her life, her generous legacy would ‘Carry On’ – and that a future of care would continue for children and families.

Canuck Place Children's Hospice

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