Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Donor Story

A family’s legacy inspired by love

Lisa Pratt
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Julie and Avi Tutelman have always known that home is a sacred place, where we learn the most important lessons in life. They have raised their two daughters, Perri and Benae, to be kind, caring and compassionate people, and to understand the importance of contributing to your community. It is this moral compass of connection and empathy they instilled that ultimately brought Canuck Place Children’s Hospice into their lives.

(L to R:) Perri, Julie, Avi, and Benae Tutelman share a passion for Canuck Place and have committed to leaving a legacy in support of future care for children and families living with life-threatening illnesses.

“Canuck Place is like home,” says Julie. “They remind us that feeling our emotions and making memories connects us to a life lived with the ones we love.” The spark of connection with the children’s hospice began with their eldest daughter Perri when she was in high school. After doing some research, she decided that she could make a difference helping Canuck Place children and families embrace living fully with the time they have left together. She volunteered there for years, and as it turns out, her time at Canuck Place was instrumental in finding her path in life—she is graduating this year from Dalhousie University with a PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pediatric pain.

Julie and Avi’s youngest daughter Benae was also drawn to Canuck Place. Benae joined their Donor Services team in 2016, and worked for three years supporting fundraising activities at Canuck Place to ensure children receive complex pediatric palliative care at no cost to the family.

Inspired by their girls’ passion for giving back, and the exceptional care provided to children and families at Canuck Place, the Tutelmans have made several donations in $18 increments over the years. In Judaism, 18 represents ‘life’, and momentous events are recognized with donations that give back to the community. Canuck Place has been their charity of choice in these celebrations for years. “Imagine what would happen if we all gave $18 to causes that are important to us. We could change lives,” says Julie.

Julie wishes they could contribute more to Canuck Place, to help them care for the most medically complex and ill children from across BC and the Yukon. Like so many hard-working parents, Julie and Avi are in their fifties and don’t have the means to make large gifts during their lifetime. But now with a planned gift in their Will, they will leave a meaningful legacy, and ensure that families facing unimaginable circumstances can create lasting memories filled with joy, so no moment is missed.

Canuck Place Children's Hospice

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