Covenant House Vancouver Donor Story

Leaving a legacy to our community’s youth

Celia Campos
Manager – Planned Giving
Covenant House Vancouver

“I can’t get past the fact that my best friend died from a fentanyl overdose,” said Travis to Mark Munn. Mark then set about helping organize a memorial service to help this young Covenant House Vancouver resident grieve the death of his friend.

“I think I’d like to find out more about the Catholic Church to see if this is something I’d like to make part of my life again. I really miss Sunday mornings there,” said Julie, one of our youth, to Mark. Since then, Mark has been working to reconnect Julie with her spiritual community.

As the Ombudsperson and Spiritual Care Manager, the Reverend Mark Munn leads the Spiritual Care Services team at Covenant House Vancouver that makes sure youth of all faiths and traditions are welcomed. Mark supports youth as they explore and develop their own spiritual, religious and cultural identities. And, if they wish, he helps connect them to safe and healthy spiritual, religious or cultural communities.

The Rev. Mark Munn leads the Spiritual Care Services team at Covenant House Vancouver. He is pictured here with his two children: Naomi (left) and Paul (centre).

Additionally, Mark and his team are available to support youth and staff in times of grief and loss. “Many of the youth have experienced tremendous losses and trauma in their young lives. We aim to help youth find meaning and purpose in their lives beyond just the day-to-day survival skills that they are used to,” says Mark.

Mark is motivated by his own Christian identity to bring into reality a world that benefits the most vulnerable and upholds all persons with absolute respect and unconditional love. He believes that the stewardship of all resources, especially the financial resources he has been entrusted with, are central for this to be realized. Mark and his family are showing their commitment to our community’s youth with a gift through their Will to support the work of Covenant House Vancouver.

Mark’s gift through his estate was easy to do – he just went to see his lawyer with some sample bequest language provided by Covenant House Vancouver. His gift will result in a tax receipt that can be used to offset the taxes due on his estate’s income tax return. For individuals who wish to include a charitable bequest in their already prepared Wills, a legal professional can provide a document called a codicil.

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