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Louisa’s legacy of caring and community will live on

Celia Campos

Celia Campos
Manager, Legacy Giving
Covenant House Vancouver

In 1958, when Louisa was just 20, she moved to Canada from post-war Holland. It was a very big move and Louisa did not have a network of support in Canada. Her parents had split up when she was young and the only way to stay in touch with her mother on the other side of the world was by mail. Her brother passed away very unexpectedly when he was just 28. The only living relative she had in Canada was an aunt in Ontario, who Louisa rarely connected with.

Knowing what it is like to grow up separate from family, Louise was moved to assist young people who lack a network of support. She chose to provide Covenant House Vancouver with a legacy gift made in memory of her friend Audrey.

She thinks this is one of the reasons why she cares so much about young people, especially those who lack family support. One of Louisa’s jobs was driving a school bus, and she enjoyed connecting with young people and having a positive impact on their lives.

Coming from such humble beginnings, Louisa was struck by the homeless population in Vancouver, a problem that
seems to have gotten worse over the years. “In such an affluent society, it’s an absolute disgrace that we have people living on the street,” she says. Living on a fixed income, she chose to support Covenant House Vancouver with a gift in her Will. It will allow her legacy to live on in the lives of our community’s youth and their friends and families.

“Audrey would have been so proud of what this gift will achieve in her name—young people were so important to her.”

Louisa’s legacy gift, made in memory of her dear friend Audrey, is known as a “residual gift.” This means Covenant House Vancouver will receive a portion of the residue of her estate after all of Louisa’s expenses have been taken care of. This gives Louisa the peace of mind that she can continue to enjoy her current lifestyle, including connecting with friends, enjoying arts and culture and travelling occasionally.

Arranging a charitable gift through your Will can be as simple as adding a paragraph to your Will. For individuals who wish to include a charitable bequest in their already prepared Wills, a legal professional can provide a document called a codicil.

“Audrey would have been so proud of what this gift will achieve in her name—young people were so important to her,” says Louisa.

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