Ecojustice Donor Story

In Loving Memory of Ellen, a cherished friend and guardian of nature

Tess Conrad
Planned Giving Officer

Janis and Ellen were life-long friends and nature-lovers. As avid hikers they went on multi-day trips through Western Canada, including eight-day-long rafting trips in the Yukon and B.C. In the winter their days were filled with cross-country skiing and curling. Always enjoying the wilderness, it made sense to them to preserve it, which is why Janis and Ellen both decided to give to Ecojustice.

Ellen celebrated her 99th birthday with her life-long friend Janis. Both women shared a commitment to preserve and protect nature

Sadly, Ellen died in 2018 at the age of 99. She left a generous gift of securities to Ecojustice in her Will, which had an incredible impact on the legal work Ecojustice has taken on. Her support played a vital role in protecting the nature she held so dearly—such as defending the boreal forest and caribou. In fact, every year approximately four full legal cases at Ecojustice are funded by legacy gifts. Gifting the securities rather than cash meant they were exempt from capital gains tax, which maximized Ellen’s gift and provided tax benefits for her estate.

Ellen will always be remembered by Janis and Ecojustice as an advocate for the environment and guardian of nature. We are honored to be part of her legacy.

Having seen much of her beloved nature become ruined by industries and development, Janis was also inspired to include a gift to Ecojustice in her Will. It’s clear we’re in a climate and biodiversity crisis, and
Ecojustice’s legal approach will be needed long into the future. As Janis says, “somebody has to do some fighting.”


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