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Sowing the seeds for the next generation

Ellen Manney, Ecojustice Supporter

Ellen Manney, Ecojustice supporter
Ellen Manney in her garden KEN WHITELEY

I’ve had a passion for gardening since I was four years old. One of my great joys is spending time in my own downtown backyard, where I’ve grown a beautiful pollinator garden and I produce a bounty of fresh organic fruit and vegetables for my family every year. My garden is a peaceful sanctuary that gives me the opportunity to connect with nature every day. It makes me appreciate the positive impact we can have on our environment when we enrich the soil and preserve biodiversity.

I believe that citizens need an advocate to stand up for our precious, beautiful earth in the courts, and that is why I have been an Ecojustice supporter for many years. Ecojustice is a powerful advocate for nature and a defender of people and the planet.

After seeing the film Anthropocene, I made a pledge to do something for the planet every single day, no matter how small. One of the easiest ways I realized I could do this was by increasing my support of Ecojustice, as my partner in this mission. I decided to make a gift in my will which gives me a measure of security knowing that I’m contributing to an organization that is keeping Canada on the right path.

Our son, now 32 years old, may have a family one day who will grow up in a very different world than I did. I believe we have to support younger people who are leading the movement to save our planet from irreversible climate change. Supporting an organization that is committed to using the law to combat climate change and defend future generations is one way we can all do that.

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