Family Services of Greater Vancouver Donor Story

Paying it forward

Planning today for their better tomorrow

Amanda Sayfy
Director, Development
Family Services of Greater Vancouver

None of us are immune to life’s challenges—and few of us can overcome our problems alone.

When Angela Thiele reflects on how she has faced challenges in her life, she is reminded of how the greatest obstacles can also be great equalizers. No matter the privileges or barriers that help or hinder us, we all share a need for empathy and support to help us cope and move forward in our journeys.

Appreciative of the support she received many years ago from Family Services of Greater Vancouver, Angela Thiele is giving back to the organization so others can receive compassion and care in their moment of need.

Indeed, it was her own challenges that inspired Angela to get involved with Family Services of Greater Vancouver as a member of the Board of Directors, a monthly donor, and to leave a gift in her Will, allowing her commitment to the organization to live on.

Many years ago, Angela and her husband faced a difficult phase in their marriage. Committed to working on their relationship, but with limited resources, they found subsidized family counselling services at Family Services. There, they received the compassionate and expert support they needed to make positive changes in their lives together.

Today, having built a successful law practice, Angela appreciates the power of giving back. Just as she once turned to Family Services’ programs for help, her gift in her Will gives her the opportunity to continue her commitment to an organization that provides compassion and care to someone else in their moment of need.

Like her fellow legacy donors, she sees how sometimes crisis can bring us together. In others, we might recognize our own struggles and be inspired to help, just as those who came before have helped us.

From victims of violence or abuse to youth experiencing homelessness or newcomer families struggling on a low income, those in need look to the social service community for help. It’s like being part of a larger family. Families take care of each other, and every legacy gift plays a role in this essential community of care.

When you leave a bequest in your Will as Angela did, make a gift of life insurance, or designate a charity as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or TFSA, you ensure that compassionate support will be available for children, youth and families in crisis. Ultimately, there’s a touching grace to be found in legacy gifts and the continuity of care they provide. For Angela Thiele, it is the perfect opportunity to pay it forward, and give someone else the chance that she was given.

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