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Inspiring Philanthropy

Maple Ridge Community Foundation
Kristi Ferguson
Maple Ridge Community Foundation

At the last Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Dinner and Citizen of the Year Award Presentation, a local family proposed a challenge to all guests. They pledged to donate up to $50,000 in matched funds to others donating to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation by the end of the year.

Immediately, hands flew in the air to volunteer donations. They came in by the dozens – $50, $500, $1000. It is human nature to want to be part of something positive. To know that whatever one could comfortably afford to give that night was being matched was exciting, motivating.

This is just one way local donors are challenging the next generation to give in our community. That family’s gesture to inspire philanthropy is now part of their legacy. Not only will their funds, which were matched several times over, reach thousands of local residents but their call to action, their call to give, planted a seed with so many.

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation began with another great gesture of philanthropy. In 1976, land was bequeathed to the municipality, which had no mechanism to accept such a donation at that time. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation was formed in part to facilitate this, and has grown significantly from there!

There are myriad ways to make an impact and leave a legacy in your community. By financially supporting your local community foundation, you are giving back to your community in perpetuity, making a positive contribution for generations to come. Most community foundations invest collected funds in an endowment, which earns interest. The interest is distributed to local non-profit and charitable organizations by way of annual grants. You can contribute financially by donating cash, securities or property. You can set up an automatic debit/payroll plan, or provide for a bequest in your will. We all have causes and organizations that we are passionate about, though many forget to factor this into their estate planning.

Inspiring others is best achieved by setting an example. Where you contribute your energy, time, finances and talents will become a part of your personal legacy. We must all determine, and then plan for, how we will positively affect our loved ones and our communities now, and in the future.

What will your legacy be?

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