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Please follow the Usage Guidelines provided below. For more information, download the Graphics Standards and Usage Manual.

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Sunrise Mark and Program Name | LEAVE A LEGACY™

LEAVE A LEGACY™ Sunrise Mark and Program Name, Cranberry (PMS 215), GIF format

Sunrise Mark and Program Name | LEAVE A LEGACY™

Sunrise Mark and Program Name, Yellow (PMS 130), GIF format


LEAVE A LEGACY™ Local Granting Program Sponsor

When using the above image on a website, the text “Leave a Legacy Local Granting Program Sponsor” should appear below the image. Please check that this is the most current version as the text changes from time to time.

LEAVE A LEGACY™ Logo, EPS file (created in Adobe Illustrator CS6)
Local Granting Program Sponsor, eps file (created in Adobe Illustrator CS6)

Usage Guidelines

If you or your production partners require alternate formats for reproduction, please contact us with specific requirements.

Please note and forward these guidelines to all designers or staff utilizing our logo:

1) Our corporate standards state that the logo may only be reproduced in full colour, black only or reverse white. At no time shall the logo appear in any alternative colour or setup than the one provided.

2) The minimum size for reproduction quality has been set for a minimum width of 2.25″.

3) The stacked version of our logos must be used for website purposes only, and should not be used in print materials. If the standards cannot be met, or other circumstances require special treatment, please contact us for discussions first.