All poster template files are in PDF format. View and Download files by clicking on the links below.

Note: Some of the links will take you to Dropbox. You do not need to join. If a dialogue box asking you to join drop box opens, close it and continue.

Carpenter Poster Template
Doctor Poster Template
Fishing Poster Template
Groomer Poster Template
Janitor Poster Template
Soccer Poster Template
Symphony Poster Template

Poster Usage Guidelines

The LEAVE A LEGACYTM media campaign was purchased by several LEAVE A LEGACYTM Chapters across Canada for use across our nation to better promote, with a standardized brand, the message of legacy giving.

The files are of high, print quality, are therefore quite large and only available to our partners through this resource section.

The pictures and the stories cannot be altered. The only changes that are able to be made are to the website address and the contact information along the bottom of each poster/advertisement.

How to Personalize Your Posters

If you want to personalize the material with your organization’s contact information and local website (including the link to the local LEAVE A LEGACYTM website at, there are two lines of text available where additional contact information can be inserted.

To make these changes and save your file, use one of the following programs: Adobe Acrobat 9, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9 or Adobe Illustrator. The program version you use may be different.

If you do not have access to one of these programs, contact your graphic designer or local printer for help making these changes.

These campaign materials cannot be sold to charities or used by any organization that is NOT a LEAVE A LEGACYTM partner. If your organization is a Greater Vancouver LEAVE A LEGACYTM Program Partner and has completed their Annual Partner License Agreement and would like to display or utilize these materials you are encouraged to do so. THEY MUST NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY OTHER MANNER THAN INCLUDING YOUR ORGANIZATION’S INFORMATION.

If you are putting the posters or advertisements on your local website, please be sure to watermark them so that they cannot be pulled off and used by someone else.

As previously discussed and agreed upon, this media campaign is available for all LEAVE A LEGACYTM Committees and Partners to use ONLY.