SD43 Education Foundation Article

Empower today’s children to be tomorrow’s leaders

Shawn Silverstone
Director of International Marketing and Recruitment
The SD43 Education Foundation

For some donors, a desire to make a real difference in the education of future generations is a priority in their philanthropic estate planning. A gift through legacy is a meaningful way to give back and can make a long-term difference to students and your community. You may choose to leave a dedicated amount, or a specific percentage of the remainder of your estate (after other bequests and debts have been paid). Including a donation in your Will may even help in reducing, or altogether eliminating final estate taxes, while making a very real, long-term impact on the future of a student and community.

Endowment funds provide the opportunity for a community to come together to participate in a long-standing tradition ensuring students have access to the best education and co-curricular resources possible. Student-centered, innovative programming inside and outside the classroom allows students’ eyes to be opened
to the world of possibilities available to them today as well as in the future.

Each financial situation is unique, and gift planning is best approached personally and thoughtfully. A bequest costs nothing now and allows you to leave a legacy by supporting the students in your community. If you wish to ensure your passion and values will continue to live on and inspire future generations to come, consider contacting a foundation to discuss how they can assist you in your conversations with your legal and financial advisors. It can be as easy as adding a codicil to an existing Will or assigning a life insurance policy to the benefit of the foundation.

Please consider giving back to a school district that impacted you or your child’s education, introduced you/them to new passions, connected you to a lifelong community, and influenced your own journey from graduation to the present day. Every gift counts and it will allow your legacy to live on for generations to come.