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Two gifts that keep on giving

Yolanda Bouwman
Director of Charitable & Legacy Gifts
Surrey Hospital Foundation

Edna and Susanna lived in the same community for many years, but they never met. And yet, they will be forever linked and remembered at Surrey Memorial Hospital because their generosity made it possible for thousands of Surrey residents to regain their sense of hearing.

In many ways, Edna and Susanna’s stories are similar. Along with their husbands, they were both long-time residents of the Surrey region. During their lifetimes, the two women donated to Surrey Memorial Hospital for about 10 years. Both expressed their wish that they could provide larger gifts to help the hospital.

Edna and Susanna became widows around the same time. Then, when they updated their wills, they each included a gift of $20,000 to Surrey Hospital Foundation.

Greg Asayo Dr Tyler Mori Surrey Hospi

Greg Asayo, Surgical Assistant with Dr. Tyler Mori, ENT Specialist       SURREY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION

Those two gifts made it possible to start the inner ear surgery program at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. They helped to purchase specialized tools, including a House Ontology Set, which allows doctors to identify and fix regular and complex ENT (ear, nose and throat) challenges in infants, children and adults. This equipment purchase allowed Fraser Health to recruit a top ENT surgeon to Surrey Memorial Hospital — the only location in the region to now offer inner ear surgery for children.

The surgical instruments purchased with Edna and Susanna’s donations are still in use today. These two donors have helped improve the hearing of thousands of people.

You can join people like Edna and Susanna to make a gift that can have a huge impact for the future of health care. Please consider including a gift to your local hospital through your Last Will and Testament.

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