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Keisha Knight, Union Gospel Mission

Keisha Knight
Development Officer, Legacy Giving
Union Gospel Mission

In honour of Jean Margery Begg, December 31, 1927 – January 15, 2017

When Jean Begg was a little girl in London, England during World War II, her mother took her to a mission in one of the poorest parts of the city. Jean remembered, “That’s where I first learned about God’s call for us to care for our neighbours in need.”

Jean Margery Begg, UGM donor


Jean moved to Vancouver to pursue her teaching career. After 18 years in a private school, she took an unexpected early retirement due to a health concern. Jean began volunteering at Union Gospel Mission (UGM) as a way to keep busy while managing her health.

“As I learned about UGM, I realized that this was the kind of place my mother would have loved to come volunteer,” she said. “A place that gives dignity and hope to people who are hurting.”

Through the years, Jean made many good friendships with the people whom UGM helped and was inspired to leave a gift in her will to UGM.

“When I started to put my estate plans in order, I learned this was not at all a complicated process. First, I thought about my family. Next, I turned my thoughts to deciding which organizations would be important to remember in my will.”

She continued, “I feel, in my heart, that I can help people through this gift. I know it will be put to good use in the future. There will always be people in need and I am confident that UGM will be there for them.”

Jean’s incredible gift will transform lives for decades to come.

There are a number of ways to leave a lasting legacy to the people and causes you love, including leaving a gift in your will, gifts of life insurance, beneficial interest in RRSPs and RRIFs and gifts of securities. Any estate professional would be happy to instruct you on the simple next steps to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


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