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Creating a legacy by living the example:

Paul & Eileen’s story

Keisha Knight, Development Officer, Legacy Giving
Union Gospel Mission

“Sometimes as Christians, we draw lines between either
focusing on the Gospel or social justice. To me, it’s not an either/ or. It’s both,” shares Paul. “That’s why we embrace this sort of thing wholeheartedly.” Paul and his wife Eileen both come from immigrant families. While both sets of parents worked diligently to provide, their upbringings were quite different.

Paul and Eileen are committed to uplifting others in need. In addition to supporting Union Gospel Mission (UGM) as volunteers, they have also created a gift to UGM in their Will.

“Although we were poor, my father was a very giving man— offering our home, a listening ear or money,” Eileen shares. “That impressed on me as a child.”

Paul grew up not taking anything for granted. However, his parents especially emphasized working hard for financial security. “I said to myself, ‘Gosh, there’s gotta be more to life than that,’” he recalls. “It made me explore what’s really important. It got me thinking about values and volunteering.”

Today, Paul and Eileen have blended their experiences to raise their own family with hearts of gratitude and compassion. “We live fairly simple, rather frugal lives because we want to make an impact with what God has blessed us with,” Eileen explains. Their prayer is for their two teenage daughters to see how their privilege offers the opportunity to profoundly uplift others in need.

They’re imparting this lesson in many ways: by faithfully supporting Union Gospel Mission (UGM) for the past 20 years, volunteering in the kitchen as a family and in their incredibly impactful decision to support Kingdom work beyond their lifetime—by creating a gift in their Will to UGM.

“Because our lives are but a mist, we want to be wise stewards,” Eileen shares. “We’re supporting UGM because they’re tangibly living out Christ’s greatest commandments: to love God and love your neighbour.”

Paul adds, “Our decisions and involvement have shown our daughters that we’re not just talking the talk—we’re walking the walk.” For Paul and Eileen, modelling Christ’s love in both word and deed is what living and lasting legacies are truly about. “We want our children to understand why we do what we do,” Eileen says. “Because anyone can pass on legacies of material things. But for us, it’s really the spiritual legacy that matters.”

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