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A Gift of Life Insurance – Planning for the Future of All Kids in Our Community

Michelle Bernard

Michelle Bernard
Manager Philanthropy
United Way of the Lower Mainland

When Lani Ng first considered leaving a legacy gift to United Way of the Lower Mainland over eight years ago, she discovered a gift of life insurance can be a creative way to honour your love for community, well into the future.

Lani Ng with her husband Terry Chau and two kids, Juniper and Fox

Lani Ng with her husband Terry Chau and two kids, Juniper and Fox, Photo by Meila Sorenson


Like so many local community champions, Lani wanted to invest in the long-term future of an organization she deeply cared about. A gift of life insurance can be a great fit, since insurance premiums remain tax deductible in the year they are paid. Lani’s decision allowed her to make her legacy plan early in life, one that would generate a substantial gift for the future. It was also a reflection of the strategic approach she and her family were already taking with other aspects of their finances.

“It’s natural to diversify your personal investments for long-term and short-term goals,” says Lani. “The same can apply to the ways you give to your favourite causes.” She adds that it’s especially rewarding to see how such an affordable portion of her annual giving can be diversified for maximum impact.

Once Lani decided on a gift of life insurance, she sat down with her financial advisor and the planned giving professional at United Way; over a lunch hour, the arrangements were complete.

“I love how this gift is ‘set and forget it’,” says Lani. “After my premiums are paid, the policy will pay out regardless of how I choose to structure my giving going forward.”

Since arranging her gift, Lani and her husband have had two children, including one with special needs, only deepening her passion for ensuring vulnerable kids get the support they need to grow up great. With daycare and other expenses, her discretionary giving has temporarily decreased, but her long-term plans are protected. Through her strategic approach, Lani has ensured her legacy will be one of local love for her community, supporting generations of kids to come.

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