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Brain Aneurysm Survivor Leaving a Legacy for All

Charlene Taylor, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

Charlene Taylor
Senior Associate Director, Gift & Estate Planning
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

Kathy Jenkins with the piano she learned to play as she recovered from brain surgery at VGH.
Kathy Jenkins with the piano she learned to play as she recovered from brain surgery at VGH.

In 2012, Kathy Jenkins suffered a terrifying burst brain aneurysm. It was quickly determined that she needed the kind of complex care only available at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), and she was flown out from Vancouver Island to the mainland.

VGH neurosurgeon Dr. Gary Redekop and his medical team ran a series of brain scans, assessed Kathy’s condition and performed the brain surgery that saved her life.

“If it wasn’t for VGH I wouldn’t be here,” says Kathy. “So when we got home I just thought, We’ve got to get a will drawn up. Me and my husband Scott talked and decided we’re leaving our entire estate to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.”

Kathy and Scott, who don’t have children, want to use their estate to make a positive impact on future generations.

“We have a bunch of nieces and nephews and we could divide everything up amongst them, but we felt we would accomplish a lot more by doing it this way,” says Kathy. “It just made perfect sense to give back, and I don’t just mean to the hospital, I mean to everybody that’s out there.”

Kathy and Scott’s future gift will specifically support imaging equipment at VGH. After all, it was the images from her brain scans that Dr. Redekop used to save her life, so Kathy knows first-hand the importance of having the best equipment available to make life-saving decisions.

“Everybody at some point in their life has to have imaging,” says Kathy.

For Kathy and Scott, leaving a legacy was as simple as drafting their wills and notifying the Foundation of their intent. A simple phone call later and their estates were ready to be disbursed when the time comes.

“This is our legacy,” says Kathy. “To know that our estate will be used to help people in need is the greatest gift of all.”

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